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How to Make Money With GOOGLE?

Most of us have always dreamed of implementing the concept of ‘Work From Home,’ or ‘Earn Money Online,’ but didn’t know where to start!

So, if the question you have on your mind is ‘How to Make Money Online?,” then you have come to the right place, and this is where you will get access to the complete SECRETS of making money online and the STEP-BY-STEP process which explains various ways of earning revenue online, including ways to make money on your blog!


Let us first understand some basic concepts which will help you get clarity as to what is ‘Online Income,’ and “How to Make Money with Google!”

I am sure you have used the search engine Google many times. Have you noticed how the search results are displayed?

Here’s a screenshot of the results when I did a search with the keywords “Laptop Prices,” in Google:

As you can see, there are 3 links displayed at the top, with a pinkish background, above the actual search results. These are NOT search results – they are ADVERTISEMENTS! If you observe carefully, you will see that they are titled ‘Ads related to laptop prices.’ The website owners of these three links are paying to Google, for having their advertisements displayed and Google clearly demarcates them from the search results, by displaying them with a pinkish background.

Do you notice another 3 links on the right, also titled “Ads?” These are also advertisements that the link owners are getting displayed, by paying to Google!

Now, these advertisements that Google displays by charging a fee, are called PAID RESULTS, whereas the FREE search results that automatically get displayed, based on the search engine’s algorithm, are called ORGANIC RESULTS!

Now, if you own a website or a blog, and if you are willing to let Google post advertisements on it, then whenever someone clicks on such advertisements displayed on your website or blog, you get paid! And that is how you can make money through Google!

To have Google Ads displayed in your website or blog, you need to sign up with Google’s AdSense program, which we will discuss later in detail, in another post.

Now, it is not enough to just have a website or blog to start making money through Google’s AdSense program, you need to:

a. Ensure that your website / blog has rich content that is of use to your readers

b. Have adequate traffic (visitors) to your website / blog, and some of them should be clicking on the Google Ads displayed on your website / blog

In fact, Google AdSense program is not the only option you have to make money online; there are various other ways too. And all of them, when filtered and summarized, precipitate into 17 different ways – that’s how I have named this blog ‘”

I shall be discussing each of these 17 ways of earning money online, through numerous posts on this site. So, do keep visiting this site often, and if you want to be informed whenever I write a new post, please subscribe for my RSS FEED.